Coating Powder

We are concentrating to the production of exclusive powder coatings.

We aim to bring our Know How - in accordance to the enviroment - in the develepment of our products. Our laboratory and our prouduction are at the latest standard of technology.

We focus our acts to the requirement of our customers and the quality of our products.


Metal effect bonding powder coatings

These give metal effect coatings. In making this product we have to be careful due to the fragile balance of the mix of metal particles and thermosetting powders, but once applied it shows an even colour.

Epoxy-polyester and polyester powders

Available in a wide range of colours according to the RAL list, all applicable by corona and tribo electric guns.


Plastic coatings

Constant improvement of PVC powders has permitted its wide use in sectors such as Domestic Electrical Appliances, Garden Furniture, Fences, Glas bottle containers for aerosols and Light bulbs.

Water-based primer

Used as adhesive for thermoplastic powders.

Water-based special effect powders

For interior protective coatings of zinc covered-steel boilers.