About Us

at2 steel offers steel processing companies, high-quality materials and products from leading well-known manufacturers thus giving the individual companies the option uf using alternative ways of procurement as well as optimising their material management.

Because of at2 steel's cooperation with numerous international manufacturers, our basic philosophy is to create a high-quality and customer-oriented product range with the respective manufacturer's special products which can fully satisfy the stringent requirements of the steel processing industries. No single manufacturer is in a position to fulfil these demands. We have made this our goal..

Due to the current economic situation we can observe a strong trend towards fusion from the big steel groups in order to achieve a competitive advantage. This results in the necessity for the steel processing industry to adapt to the needs of the large groups in order to be able to survive as suppliers.

Exhibition StandBecause of this fact, at2 steel has made it its business to give support to companies regarding material management. Agreements with leading steel manufacturers all over the globe and our excellent contacts to local industry, which we hold in high esteem, enables us to pass on these benefits in the form of interesting quantities on the one hand and through the individual product advantages of the manufacturers on the other hand.

Additionally we offer to our customers the powder technology for coating their products - advantage techology
Epoxy - Polyester - Plastic coatings are offered not only in all colours according to the RAL list, also in many different metal effects. Water based primers finalize our program.

at2 partner companies distribute among other things high-quality tools for the processing of steels.

at2 has employees in countries such as: Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia and India.

In addition to our Main office at Kindberg, we can rely on further offices in Vienna, Hungaria, Slovenia and in India.