As a special service we are providing you with some information and links, which can be extremely useful for you as steel consumers. The comparison of the various standards organisation is definetely something special.

If you want to get hold of detailed information on all steel qualities, chemical compositions, mechanical properties, then there is really only one address - The Steel Key. (Stahlschlüssel) Don't forget, as mentioned earlier the Technologiezentrum address is really helpful concerning steel selection, production processes and innovative improvements.

Finally, we wouldn't want to forget our logistics experts - Schenker - in handling the transportation side of our business.


Germany (DIN)
European Norm (EN)
France (AFNOR)
Intern. Standardization (ISO)
Italy (UNI)
Japan (JISC)
Austrian Norm (OEN)
Spain (AENOR)
South Africa (SABS)
Steel Key
Logistic Schenker