AT the end of 2006 a sponsoring contract was signed with the Wartberg club Olympia VN.
at2 steel Wartberg ist one of the most successful clubs in the sport of curling in Austria.

2 times National Champions

European cup winner

3 times Styria cup winner

The above - listed successes show the great performance of this club. What is more is that 2 of the at2steel sportsmen are in the Austrian national team line-up.3 year contract was recently signed with the new captain of the club Mr. Karl Schöggl - one of the most well-known curling sportsmen. Here in Austria, a lot can be expected from this active support, as the curling association, comes second only to football when seen in terms of club members.

The sportsmen are engaged in weekly competitions nationally and internationally. This sport is one the most up-and-coming sports of the last years and has advanced from an amateur status to a dynamic highly professional performance sport requiring top athletic form in combination with highest levels of concentration in order to taste success.

We would like to wish our new partner club - at2 steel Wartberg, continued success for the future.

at2 steel mananagment